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What opportunities does 3d offer for clothing brands:

—  Creation of 3D prototypes of clothes that are difficult to distinguish from the real one

— Reduce the need for materials for sewing real samples, as well as the cost and time required for the delivery of these samples and prototypes

— Creation of a virtual catalog with all the material and color options of your collection, eliminating the cost of photographing and making samples

— Test the demand for your clothes, with the help of digital collections, even before launching into production

— Creating commercials using digital clothing and 3D avatars

— Upload your 3D clothing models to AR applications, which allows your customers to view products in augmented reality

— Creation of 3d fashion catwalks, fashion shows that can be placed at any digital fashion week

— Open your own virtual stores in the metaverse

— In the blockchain, you can create an authenticity passport for your product

— Create a product as an NFT and sell it on NFT marketplaces

— Creation of 3d avatars, 3d fashion models and digital influencers for your brand that can show clothes on themselves. This greatly simplifies business processes: there is no need to look for models, photographers, stylists, organize expensive shootings and control how they go.

The world is changing very quickly. Today, a brand may not create a physical collection at all. You can start, for example, with a lookbook with photorealistic digital clothing, upload it to the website and collect pre-orders, according to which you can then sew products personally for the buyer or for the wholesale customer.


uploaded image

                                                                                                                     Realistic 3d visualization of clothes












Posted March 23, 2022 05:58

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